garden of roses
Garden Of Roses
As you look at the trees , the flowers, the ocean it shows just how much God has created. He knows what is living and what is soon to die. He knows all your struggle and through Christ Jesus he will help you to endure. How can such humans not believe in him? His work is all around us daily. Step out on faith and trust in his word. Till this very day I’m working on becoming a better person and a christian. I do fall short at times,but no one is perfect. It is all about getting back up and not making the same mistakes over and over again. Nothing can stop me except me. Do not take life for granted nor those you love. Do something worth your value and time.
Welcome to the official Blog of mika’s world where I will pretty much talk about whatever is on my mind and feel the need to help others in any possible way through my blog. I am currently thinking about writing and publishing my very first book. However, most my family members do not know that yet so sure it will be a surprise to them. I graduated from high school from my hometown in Florida in 2013 and currently living in the big state of Texas now in hopes of a new chapter of my life. This blog is only a start of something new and I shall not be afraid to see what good is out there waiting for me.
Hope you all will follow my blog page for more because I have lots to share with you
“Tough times never last, but tough people do”