How life can turn around

Big news!!!

I was recently just hired on a new job at the Express here in Texas and never would have thought such an opportunity would fall into my hands. This has opened a new door for me because I get to serve those who serve for our country. It is a job that serves the military and it’s family. I have been looking and searching for so long. It has not been easy trying to find somewhere to be actually worth my time and energy far as employment, but a place I’m comfortable around people.

luckily it just so happened my mother was looking for employment and a lady named ms. Naomi Lucio decided to ask me if I needed a job as well. At the time I had already put in previous of 3 applications. unfortunately guess it was just not meant to be. Later, decided to call ms.Lucio to see if she still had any open positions. I began working in just 3 days after my interview.

The place instantly made me feel very welcomed. I was greeted by all the other employees I now work with including the managers. It is a complete difference and a change. Hopefully this will be a steady job for me.

It has been a real struggle before finding employment , because of so much still needs to be done. I need new eyeglasses and also working on saving up for a new car. Being an adult holds responsibility and being able to provide for yourself without always having to depend on others. I tell you when true faith is in your heart and putting your trust in God really does work. Sometimes ; just being still is all you need to do.

Some may say it’s just a job, but to me it feels like I’m put there for a reason. Truth is this is no mistake or some sort of coincidence. My salary is also much higher from where I used to work back in my hometown. I’m being treated with much respect and feels like I’m really on a job that matters.

Start doing what you have to do in order to make it out here in these tough times in life. Become a person who reaches for their goals, not a quitter. I’m also going to be enrolling in college for my degree. I will start classes this Fall for Early Childhood and Family studies. Being a teacher is my real career goal. If it is God’s will for my life then it will be amazing to see that new chapter of my life become birthed.

Never sell yourself short. Never give up on what you believe you can do. Even though so much has happened in my life 5 years ago, I know something better had to be on the other side. I’m a stronger woman today because of some of my hardships. You will be amazed at how suddenly your life can change. We just want to make sure it is good change.

Your days may be cloudy and dark

you may feel lost in your thoughts of sorrow

never stay stuck in shame or guilt

stand strong in your walk of faith 

no matter how much people tell you NO

YES is your fighting amour 

Hold the key to your success




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