This is the best season of the year other than spring time to me. Going to the beach, having family cookouts, and wearing some of the most fly summer fashion. This is also my birthday season which is the month of June. Some of the best fruit grows around the summertime. I love watermelon and grapefruit. However it’s so hard to find fresh grapefruit in the supermarket for some reason. The sunny days outside can bring so much happiness to your day because of the clear blue sky, white clouds and cool breeze. People should get out & explore nature which has alot to show us everyday. Hiking or taking a nice jog at a park would be nice. Spending time at the ocean on a nice afternoon. There can be some not so good things about the summer such as high temperatures. Stay hydrated and put on your sun protection for your skin. The hot temperatures varies depending which state you are living in.

Getting sunburned is not a nice feeling & sometimes cause the skin to peel in certain areas.

It is important to have a sunscreen with spf in it. Sun damage can be crucial to not only your skin but also your physical health. So protect it against the suns harsh rays. 

Drink that H2O!!! Your body needs it. Not just in the summertime but everyday. Water is good for your skin and good for digestion health. Getting rid of the toxins in your body is important. If you are not used to drinking plain water add a little fruit taste to it. Staying hydrated in high outside temperatures can help prevent from heat stroke/exhaustion.

 Another great part about the summer is having NO CLASSES. Being out on a two month summer break right after finals. If you’re a college student (like me) then u understand the feeling. 

Well now that i have told u what I like most about summer and what to enjoy about it , leave in the comments what u enjoy doing for summer.

Hope you have a great upcoming week! And be on the lookout for the next blog post🍂🍂


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