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Hello, Hope you all had a great week and ready to start this month of June off right

Summer vacations,family cook outs, and going to the beach!!Right?

Soon will have a post later talking about “The Love of Summer Season”

So recently I came across this new blog called Dreams of Jasmine   which as I was reading her most recent post it seem to speak volumes to me. She talked about some of her experiences and the difference between being single & being celibate. It has been five years since she had sexual encounters with a man. In today’s world many woman might think that is too long but she said it actually flew by because she was spending most of her time finding things she enjoyed doing, making new friends, blogging, traveling, and so much more. It was not her intentions to go five years of not having sex but she mentioned within that season she was able to find herself .

Her value was not from a Man and it took her awhile to realize that

Her helpful advice has made me want to make changes far as not always trying to look for the next relationship after a break up. Stop feeling like being single is some sort of defect , because it’s not. Realize that taking sex off the table will make things so much more clear. The flesh is always going to want it wants but you must learn to “check yourself” before doing something you know is not alright.

I know we are humans and have sense of affection that we want to feel which is normal. God is the creator of all things including Sex. However, it is supposed to between a man and a woman who are married as a sacred covenant within marriage. He created it that way for our protection and not be led astray. 

The past few days I have been finding ways to keep my faith walk going. I would look up YouTube videos that were inspirational, listening to sermons, worship music, reading my bible, etc. Feeding off of positivity and the truth can really help you in life. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who will not feed you negativity nor be judgemental. Even though we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people, we should still try to make changes that can make us better. We must know the true word. Many of us have followed with our same habits which would set us up for being further from moving froward to something so much bigger in life planned for ourselves. Just these past few days I feel like I was led to find these certain inspirational, spiritual, blogs for a reason. It has been keeping my mind in the right places.

I have learned there is so much I can do and accomplish just here on this earth and keep my mind focused on the right thing. No matter what has happened in my past belongs in my past. The same goes for you. Don’t take your past heartaches into your future. It’s also important to treat yourself sometimes. Do something you enjoy such as a spa day, dinner at one of your favorite restaurant spots, have a glass of wine & relax, take a three-day vacation. That time needed for yourself is important. Also, make time in your day for the heavenly father to guide you, lead you, ask him to show you what it is you should learn from today. We should NEVER be to busy for GOD. He knows what he has planned for your life long as you trust in him.

Moving to a new city and state was hard to digest in the beginning because for me I wouldn’t know anyone and not much family here. I was comfortable being where I was before in my hometown. I was not prepared for the sudden change. It was like everything took a sudden turn. Kept thinking is this really supposed to happen. Then once I became more at ease was when something was telling me “I’m moving you away from what has been keeping you away from true happiness and moving to a place where everything your heart is desired will happen in due time”. I then felt a sense of peace. I didn’t understand it at first but I couldn’t question it any longer. Sometimes you have to be taken out of your comfort zone.

I had to STOP BEING AFRAID and know that my heavenly father was already ahead of me meaning he knows what I would have to endure and where I’m going. He is preparing for what is to come. Till this day at this moment I’m becoming stronger and stronger because where I was before I was weak.

Faith, Trust, Redemption are three words I want you to remember. Live in that salvation and freedom knowing you are delivered. Leave the past in the past and lay out all your worries to the heavenly father. I know this is the same guidance I am following as well. And I hope you learn that it’s okay not to have it all figured out. sunset


In closing just a few things

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