Today was the day my niece Olivia Wright just finished her High School years and has succeeded. Now she gets to begin the next chapter of her life as she plans to leave off for college soon. I hope all her future accomplishments will show what she has worked so hard for. In 2013 was my year. I was so excited and could not wait to start college. It was a very good day that day and always will remember it. No matter what scary stories my niece might hear from others about leaving off to college for the first time will not cloud her vision of how beneficial it will be in the end. She wants to become an ultrasound doctor. I know she can do it because she is very smart. I can be honest to say at first I did not take college very seriously unfortunately. Begin to be all the way on track with my work being submitted on time, hardly missed any days of class, study, and got any extra help with homework when needed. Later, something suddenly started to shift. Then I soon realized that this time in my life is not a game. I need to keep on the right track and keep my grades up so I can receive my hard-earned degree.

Life is too short not to get something “worth” out of it. Everyone should progress their way up the ladder somehow. You have the choice to turn your life around for the better but it takes just a few steps to get there. Know your worth and value in life while learning to tune out all the negativity around that says “You can’t” “It’s not going to be easy”. It took me awhile to realize that even though I’m in my current position from what I have already completed, there is more I can still do.

So I want to say be proud of what you have already accomplished even if it does not seem like much. Simply making someone’s day turn completely around by giving them a gift, making them laugh, asking the person to lunch is something you can be proud about because you have delivered a sense of happiness to them from a bad day. If a person has a big job interview coming up but needs help with a good resume , then you can be there to type all the needed information , make sure everything is in order , no errors, correct grammar if that is something you really can do. You sometimes can earn profit with your great resume expertise skill.

Now hopefully you all can see where I’m coming from

I want my niece to be as helpful to others as she possibly can and be strong in what she does. This girl is bold but still knows that keeping a social life with her friends is important to her. She needs people around who will push her who will not pull her away from success. I’m doing the exact same of finding a strong foundation. What I am saying in this blog post I would mostly tell her.

So congratulations to my one and only niece Olivia Wright , Stay strong and don’t give up when things get hard. You can do it, born to do it. Don’t make some of the same mistakes as me. Get that degree and live your life well.

Your Aunt Mika

Olivia the day of her High School prom


Also wanna end this by saying congrats to all the 2017 High School graduates!! Only the start of a new beginning





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