What has happened so far in Month of May

I’m back !! Hope all of you are doing good and enjoying this month of May

It is officially the month of May & a lot has been going on I should say and also want to add that this is my very First Post for this month. Right now everything is going well so far with my recent move to Texas. I still have a few finishing touches to do in my new place and will be working a new job. Hopefully things will not be too stressful. I know with the lord on my side and just keeping faith that everything will work out for my good. I will not stop doing what needs to be accomplished. My sister & her kids will be coming back down to Texas with my mother and I for a week vacation. In other news I have also found a really nice church home here as well. So many smiling new faces and good spirit in that place. I tell you the Lord really shows up and shows out in that place. I have enjoyed every service so far and hopefully will continue going since it is not far from my home. They are having a mother’s day brunch on the 13th of May and most likely thinking about attending the festivity along with my mother. She is my rock, gives me good advice, took care of me, strong, beautiful, and not easy to give up. I already have an idea of what I want her to have for mother’s day. I want you all to comment and tell me what you appreciate most about your mother. I would like to know because whether they are single or married , something is always shown why you should be grateful to have them as a parent.

I like this time of the month because of the nature and it’s season. Traveling in the spring and summer and doing outdoor activities is the best time of the year to do that. The weather is nice and so much outdoor activity to experience. My birthday is coming up next month in June (shout out to all my Gemini’s). Right now keeping my focus on making sure my priorities are together and being on top of my “A” game is important. I know what I need to do. I’m a grown adult with so much ambition, boldness, and knowledge.

So this pretty much wraps up what has been going on and might not seem to be much but to me it is. I will be posting again this week by Friday so be on the lookout for that. So far blogging has been such a blessing, honor, gift, and something I actually enjoy doing. I can be apart of a world of so many other bloggers who have a story to tell and so much to share with the world. No matter what you blog about make sure you have a reason for doing it. Someone will see it , even just two people.

Well that is all for now until next time

Mika JC 

Current Favorite worship song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ5HqmHvQi0&list=PLyHXn5xGKjG-1Be8Ipgohckx_DEAybA8L&index=16   Travis Greene – Intentional


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