Forgiving VS Forgetting

Everyone one of us have done something in our lives that we know was wrong. It can be either big or small. Some of us have thought if we could just rewind back time and take back what we did, maybe the situation would have turned out different or better yet never happened at all. Anything that you regret doing is the worst feeling. Someone who has done you wrong makes you feel some type of way about that individual because now your view of that person may never be the same especially if the issue was hurtful or deceitful and you never imagined that happening.

I must say sometimes forgiving can be hard. we’re not perfect; we are human and we make mistakes. How many of you have felt this same way?

However forgiving is good for the soul and good for yourself because you are no longer holding onto what or who has hurt you. Let me explain what forgiveness means to me …

Forgiveness is simply coming to a clear state of mind that I’m no longer going to think about what happened. Accept in my heart it is now in the past and I will move on for me. To stop feeling angry towards a person.

learn to forgive
The first to forgive is the strongest
Making the first step to have a change of heart is work in progress but it makes you feel really good in the end. Don’t become that person who just sits and hold a bunch of grudges it will make you become ugly. While you’re sitting there replaying in your head about what is bothering you , that other individual or few people are going on about their daily lives not realizing how much they have become detestable towards you which means “Deserving intense dislike”.
Hate is not where you should get to because you should never hate someone. I have my own reasons about what I dislike or not approve of about an individual. We should also think about who we associate ourselves with.
Who are you surrounding yourselves with?
We should try to be careful as young adult women and men about the influences around us because believe it or not it can interfere with our attitude of the way we treat others.
Now that we have went over a little bit about forgiveness, let me talk about the part on forgetting. First let me make clear you do not have to forget but you must forgive no matter what. I’m sure most of us feels if we just sort of push it under the rug and forget about it that everything is going to be okay. That’s easy to do right? and yes it is but for the moment. No one wants to relive an unpleasant memory. I know I wouldn’t. There is a difference between forgetting about something you were embarrassed about from yesterday than to forget about a person who was intentionally out for revenge. Some people cannot just get over certain encounters that happen unexpectedly, I get that.
If you find it hard to forgive a person, then try thinking about how much of a relief it will be in the end and how Christ died so we can be forgiven of our Sins. We are no longer under condemnation , who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. So forgive others as Christ forgave you. 
the healing flower
The healing Flower


I can say myself it has taken me a long time to learn how to forgive and forget about what no longer needs to exist into my thoughts. Now I am learning the importance of it and how much of a gift it actually is we all have. So do not harden your heart; nor seek wrong intentions.
That saying  “You reap what you sow is true  and that is what happens when a person does something that was not righteous towards you.
Well all of you who has read this I hope it helped in some way possible. I felt someone out there needed to know this and having a hard time with this subject matter. I have created this blog for a purpose and a reason. That is what i am here to do. This is my platform and I’m so grateful for all of you who took the time to read my posts, leave your comments, and  hopefully share with your family & friends.
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3 thoughts on “Forgiving VS Forgetting

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Mika,
    Thank you for providing the link so I could check out your blog. I agree forgive miss is hard. It took me five years to forgive my ex but now we are friends.
    I met you at Jason’s meet and greet.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also host 10 blog parties each month where are you could meet new readers.

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