Taking control

Hope you all are having a good week so far. I can say I have no complaints. My week has been pretty smooth. It has crossed my mind here lately of how much still needs to be done. Currently looking for new job & still getting settled into a new place. On top of that my niece has her high school graduation coming up end of may and of course i want to be there. So that means travelling back home to Florida. Want to speak on learning how you can start taking control of your busy schedule and go through with your daily tasks. We sometimes find it difficult to stick with a particular schedule or even do everything we planned in one day.

What has helped me is making sure i put all of my most important onto a daily calendar. One I can see most often. Especially for any upcoming events, appointment, and important tasks.


You should not overwhelm yourself with to much on your plate at one time. This can cause you to feel like you just don’t have enough time in your day to at least get something done on the list. And I’m just gonna keep it real i know doing ten important things in one day for me is not going to happen. So taking control of my set schedule for the day to better accommodate me is important & does not have to match everyone else’s. Every body works differently and some as i like to call it just “Go With The Flow”.

Do your top daily tasks first for the day which can be something simple as

➡Grocery shopping for dinner tonight

➡Be sure to pick up package from post office

➡Take (ollie) to the vet @11am

➡Get the car washed

And your least important can be done the next day or following week.

This may work for you depending on what all you need to do within the week. Hopefully this is still some relief to keep you from stressing out about getting things done through out the day. We all have responsibilities which none of us can deny if you’re an adult. Laziness is no excuse when it comes to important responsibility. Take control over that mindset that tells you

“I just don’t feel like it today”

“I can put this off until later”

(Later turns into 3 weeks later)

So just keep thinking ahead then you won’t get behind. Stay on task. Set up a To-do list if needed. Mark important dates onto your calendar and last but not least there is always 24 hours in a day.

🌿🌿Mika JC

You can thank me later😁


4 thoughts on “Taking control

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I like how you do a few things in a day and not stretch yourself too thin. I am guilty of trying to do too much in one day, and that just stresses me out! And worse, I am a perfectionist. 😀


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